• Hair Elixir 60 Capsules

Hair Elixir 60 Capsules

WelleCo Australia

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Refresh and revive with our powerful vegan capsules for hair that feels thicker, stronger and alive.

Our unique vegan formula promotes hair growth and thickness with a potent blend of proven ingredients including biotin, amino acids, zinc, omega complex, rhodiola and iodine from organic seaweed.

  • All Hair Types


The Hair Elixir thickens, strengthens and nourishes right down to the follicles to minimise hair loss and reduce breakage, while encouraging the formation of keratin and boosting your body with powerful minerals and adaptogens to fast-track growth.

Take two capsules daily to see hair flourish in 2-3 months:

+ Thicken, strengthen and nourish new hair

+ Support hair's structural integrity and reduce breakage

+ Maintain healthy hair follicles

+ Encourage keratin formation

+ Help the body adapt to stress*, a common root cause of adult hair loss and damage

+ Support healthy thyroid function