• Chronologiste Pre-Shampoo 200mL

Chronologiste Pre-Shampoo 200mL


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Chronologiste Pré-Cleanse Régénérant deeply cleanses the scalp and roots for a healthy scalp. Featuring Abyssine, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Charcoal, this is a purifying and detoxifying pre-wash to remove dead skin cells and pollution.

  • Scalp treatment

  • Oily Scalp
  • Dandruff


Deeply cleanses scalp and roots

Removes dead skin cells and flakey skin

Unclogs scalp pores by removing pollution particles

Tones the scalp, leaving it feeling tighter

Deep cleansing on hair & scalp*

Removes up to 96% more pollution particles than a regular shampoo*