"To dream the life, to live the dream" Joey Scandizzo

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Joey Scandizzo

Success is inevitable for Joey Scandizzo. From executing the perfect bob to leading a team of stars, he does so with a passion that is an inspiration in itself.

His unprecedented success has taken him around the world mentoring upcoming names in the industry and has sent him onto the sets of prime time TV programs and radio shows.

Among his endless list of accolades he has also been awarded Australian Hairdresser of the Year on four separate occasions. An industry leader, a magician in his craft, Joey Scandizzo is a trusted hair fashion spokesperson and is equally regarded in the field of business.


John Scandizzo

As a partner of the salon and with over
a decade of cutting experience, John is
a leader of the Joey Scandizzo Salon team. It didn't take long for this Style Director to master the craft of hairdressing. Specializing in cutting, he can transform and recreate ones look with ease and finesse.

His natural ability, vast clientele and abundance of awards is testimony that cutting hair is second nature. With a cheeky and positive personality, John's attitude is contagious.

As a dad himself, he has a paternal and inviting nature and appreciation for all aspects of salon life. John is a mentor and a leader of our team.


Joseph Semaan

True to his title, Joseph pushes the boundaries directing style in a way like none have before. His cuts sharp and bold or soft and seamless are sophisticated yet edgy. Meticulous by nature, this Director's creative expression is limitless as proven in his success of being judged Victorian Hairdresser of the Year.

As a salon partner and educator, he leads his team with integrity and respect taking pride in assisting and molding his team member's crafts. With a wealth of knowledge and a knack for leadership Joseph is an integral member of the team.


Alexandra Vasiliadis

A truly dedicated professional to her chosen craft, Alexandra has advanced her hairdressing career through persistence, hard work and her own natural ability.

It is as a member of the Joey Scandizzo team that she has truly flourished. Her continued growth as a senior hairdresser and  salon leader has culminated in her being among our most sought after operators and in winning multiple industry awards.

Her passion for hair and fashion reflect in the high quality work she consistently produces and has also won her over some of the salons most loyal clients.

Natalia Humphrey STYLE DIRECTOR

Natalia Humphrey

A perfectionist and natural born leader, Natalia has become a great role model for her fellow colleagues. Her cheeky and caring nature will make your salon experience very entertaining. Her attention to detail along with her cutting and styling skills make Natalia a fabulous all round hairdresser. A young award winning stylist, Natalia is on her way to success!


Ryan Brown

Hailing from North Britain, Ryan is cheeky, unique and an incredibly passionate stylist. Extremely personable, Ryan will tailor a style so that you leave feeling amazing - and a part of the salon family. A bohemian at heart, he will make you feel welcome above all else and encourage you to try something different.

Already garnering a strong following, he has a great interest in all things fashion and hair. Whether a touch-up or a drastic, creative restyle, your do will be tailored to you, your life and your aspirations. For thoughts on all things interesting and the attention of a kind spirit you simply cannot go past Ryan.

Sharne Rizzo STYLIST

Sharne Rizzo

A long standing member of the Joey Scandizzo team, Sharne has been a member of the salon since day one of her apprenticeship. Now a fully fledged hairstylist in her own right, she has a  natural flare and passion for all things hair. Sharne provides an outstanding service that is testament to her evolution as a hairdresser and ever growing repertoire of skills.


Rachel Vitullo

Eager to learn everything she can, Rachel has been one of the salons star performers for several years. Her enthusiasm and dedication to this industry has won her many awards including the coveted AHFA Creative Colourist of the Year.

You will often see her on set of photo shoots and behind the scenes at major fashion shows. Her passion for all things hairdressing have made her a sought out operator not only by our clients but by the hairdressing industry.

As a salon educator Rachel helps to nurture the next generation of stars in the Joey Scandizzo Academy as well as on stage at company demo's or on tour around the country with Eleven Australia.
Clients look forward to their weekly blow dry's with Rachel and the beautiful colour services she offers.


Morgan Dalton

Down to earth, approachable and with a great sense of humour Morgan will provide you with a personal and enjoyable salon service each and every time. She has been mentored by the best and makes every colour service a breeze. Constantly striving to achieve, her repertoire of skills is constantly growing and refining. For a friendly chat, a laugh and a great colour Morgan is the technician for you.


Brenton Keedle

With a background in retail and customer service, Brenton will be sure to greet you with a friendly smile upon arrival at Joey Scandizzo Salon.

As the salon co-ordinator he will ensure that your appointments and re-bookings are scheduled with minimum fuss and that every visit ends with a fond farewell.

Junior Stylists

Our bright, young team of apprentices are a stand out bunch, whether it be in salon or at national awards, executing excellent service and client satisfaction is a forte. As constantly evolving as their colours, the Junior team are incredibly inspired and creative.

Being the next generation of leaders, they constantly learn, evolve, aspire and absorb. Their dexterity in their craft fuels their passions and aspirations as they blossom into a team of stars for whom the sky is the limit.


A salon team whose members have been carefully selected, we are dedicated to deliver an enrapturing, 5-star salon service, by providing each client with a customized look on the fore-front of hair fashion.

We hold ourselves accountable to meet our clients' expectations and by honouring this commitment with our luxury quality of service and finish, we aspire to make each client an ambassador for Joey Scandizzo Salon.

We value personal excellence, we train to be the best and with our passion for success, we strive to be the #1 salon team in Australia.

Experience the Joey Scandizzo Salon ambience, our passion for hair, fashion and life.


Set in affluent and fashion forward South Yarra, complimented by it's talented staff, the team at Joey Scandizzo Salon has been carefully and creatively selected to guarantee a promise of satisfaction to both new, local and loyal clientele.

With acclaimed awards that are synonymous to the quality of service and finish, Joey Scandizzo Salon is a collaboration of individual creative expression. There's no doubt as to why local fashion, television, film, sports and music stars have become regular clients.

Home to Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Australian Mens' Hairdresser of the Year, Victorian Hairdresser of the Year, Salon Team of the Year, International and National Awards, directors of hair fashion parades and educational events.


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Wella Trend Vision Paris Top 6 - 2010
Wella Trend Vision Barcelona - 2007
Wella Trend Vision Berlin Bronze 3rd - 2003

Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year
- 2018 & 2012
AHFA Australian Masters Award - 2012
Hair Expo People's Choice Award - 2011
AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year
- 2011 & 2010
Wella Trend Vision National Winner 
- 2010, 2007, 2003
AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist
- 2009, 2007
AHFA Mens Hairdresser of the Year - 2008
Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist - 2007-15
American Crew Face Off Winner - 2008
AHFA Vic/Tas Hairdresser of the Year - 2004

IHS Men's Design Cut 3rd Place - 2011
IHS Men's Catwalk 1st Place - 2011
IHS Ladies Catwalk 3rd Place - 2011
IHS Men's Design Cut 1st Place - 2010
IHS Ladies Catwalk 3rd Place - 2010
Wella Trend Vision Senior Colour Finalist - 2009
American Crew Face Off Finalist - 2009
IHS Senior of the Year - 2009
IHS Ladies Design Cut 2nd Place - 2009
IHS Men's Design Cut 1st Place - 2009
HBIA Men's Design Cut 1st Place - 2008
IHS Ladies Design Cut  3rd Place - 2008
IHS Ladies Design Cut 2nd Place - 2007
American Crew Face Off Finalist - 2007
IHS Men's Design Cut 2nd Place - 2006

HBIA Senior Photographic 1st Place - 2016
AHFA Victorian Hairdresser of the Year - 2015
HBIA Educator Of The Year - 2014
American Crew Face Off Finalist - 2013
HBIA 3rd Place Men's B&W Photographic - 2013
IHS Nationals Senior Ladies Cut 3rd Place - 2011
Wella Trend Vision National Winner - 2009
IHS Ladies Open Cut 2nd Place - 2008
IHS Nationals Senior Mens Cut Runner Up - 2007

HBIA Winner Stylist Award - 2014
HBIA 3rd place Runway Artist - 2014
IHS Junior Way Out Colour 1st Place - 2012
IHS Junior Ladies Catwalk 2nd Place - 2012

HBIA Senior Photographic 1st Place - 2016
AHFA Creative Colourist of the Year - 2015
HBIA 2nd place Open Blonde - 2014
HBIA 1st Place Open Fashion Colour - 2013
Wella Trend Vision Apperenticeship Award Winner
- 2012
IHS Junior Colour 1st Place - 2011

HBIA Female Cut 3rd Place - 2016
HBIA Female Predone Cut 1st Place - 2015
HBIA Female Cut Practical 3rd Place - 2015
American Crew All Star Challenge Finalist - 2014 & 2015
HBIA 2nd place Ladies Design Cut - 2014

Hair Expo Apprentice of the Year - 2017
HBIA Female Photographic 1st Place - 2017
HBIA First Time Competitor Photographic
1st & 2nd Place - 2017
HBIA Junior Female Cutting 1st Place - 2017

HBIA Female Styling Iron 1st Place - 2017
HBIA Mentor and Apprentice Hair Up 1st Place - 2017
HBIA Junior of the Year - 2017